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       We are exploring Poland

     You will plan your holiday with us!


      Dear Sirs!
With a great pleasure we give you at your disposal 
      our internet tourist service of Poland. 


    On the pages of our guide you will find some pieces of
on the greatest tourist attractions in our
   country,its monuments, tourist virtues and
   the base of accommodation.

     "Polish land"
though exceptional charming, rich in monuments
     and historical buildings and structures have been still
     known a little. The possibilities of tourist development are 
     still huge in Poland.

     In the recent years, particularly after Poland has joined
     the European Union, the increased number of tourists
     visiting our country was recorded.

     Most beautiful historical monuments,
     picturesque landscapes, fresh air
     unspoilt nature were made our homeland attractive.

     Unfortunately, there is still lack of intensive advertisement
     and information on historical monuments and other tourist 
     virtues of Poland. 

     Now you will find it here

    The best tourist service about Poland! 

      Our service is still at the stage of development.
      It means that new pieces of information about  the most
      beautiful regions in Poland will be coming to our website.

         You are kindly invited to our website!



Monday, September 3rd, 2018

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